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The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) is an organization of the Applied Science Division at Miami University and a student group consisting of a variety of people with diverse backgrounds who share a common interest in computers. The Miami University Chapter Student ACM was founded in 1967, and has long since been devoted to the understanding and uses of new technologies, while also creating a social business environment in which all Miami University students can thrive. However, the chapter has sat idle for the last few years... until now.

The Miami ACM has once again returned to campus. We will strive to create unity among all with any interest in technology, and provide enjoyable activities open to all willing to participate. Feel free to e-mail the ACM at miamiuacm@gmail.com.

Benefits Of The ACM
  • Discuss various computer topics with fellow Miami students, faculty, and members of the business community.

  •  Meet employers from various industries and learn how technology is used in their company.

  • Build last friendship with other students who have similar interests.

  • Build professional contacts throughout a network of over 80,000 peers.

  • Online access to ACM Career Resource Center and Professional Development Center.

  • Print subscription to Crossroads, ACM's student Magazine with technology updates and current internship positions throughout the country.

  • Being an active part of the IT community will advertise your name, as well as demonstrate leadership capabilities.

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