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This annual award began in 2007. We wanted a way to recognize the hard work and effort that the CSA faculty put into our educations. The winner will be announced at the annual ACM sponsored CSA picnic.

All CSA students are welcome to nominate a professor. Any who wish to do so should email the following information to miamiuacm@gmail.com.

  • Students Name

  • Students Year
  • Professors Name

  • One paragraph on why the professor deserves this award
    (approx. 100 words)

You know the professor we're referring to. The one who will make extra office hours because of a project deadline and take time out of their schedule to help you, despite the fact that it's not their regular office hours. The one who will walk you through your code until you realize the small mistake you've made. Why not show your appreciation for all they do! Take a moment and send us the above information! Winner will be picked by ACM Executive Council.

We would like to congratulate recent winners!

  • 2007 - Dr. Bo Brinkman

  • 2008 - Dr. Mike Zmuda
  • 2010 - Dr. Alton Sanders

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