Workshop location: Turunc, Turkey


This workshop is designed as a unique four-week International Study Abroad opportunity for Miami University undergraduate students. It is composed of two courses: 1) Computational Modeling course which shows how complex problems can be handled holistically with the simple but powerful computational tools of system dynamics; 2) Leadership course which covers teamwork, interpersonal and communications skills, self-knowledge, decision analysis, and group dynamics. While in the first course students look outward showing how to deal with complex problems around us, the second course concentrates on personal and leadership development to lead a successful professional life. Both of the courses also explore international and global dimensions of their respective areas.

No prerequisite is required for the workshop.
The workshop satisfies the Miami University 9 credit-hour Global Perspectives requirement.

CSE241 Computational Modeling

Many significant real-life problems today are interdisciplinary in nature, involving physical, biological sciences, and/or social sciences, mathematics, and computer science in an area called computational science. Computing and modeling can often stimulate the insight and understanding that theory and experiment alone cannot achieve. This course prepares students to understand and utilize fundamental concepts of computational science. With a tool called Vensim, students can create pictorial representations of models, develop relationships, run simulations, and generate graphs of the results. This course does not require computer programming experience. The course will provide the necessary background for the student to understand the material and confidently succeed in the course. The course covers numerous applications in a wide variety of areas. Each class involving such an application will provide the prerequisite science without overwhelming the students with excessive detail. In Turkey, we will study the local issues, such as tourism, forest fire, fisheries, and ecology of Dalyan river and we will discuss modeling of these problems.
CSE 241 Course Syllabus

EAS 299 Leadership

Real World Leadership provides skills that will be needed in each student’s future. This course introduces the various dimensions of personal and people leadership to assist students in understanding the traits for becoming a better leader in their professional and personal lives. The class is a dynamic, integrative and practical leadership development program designed and instructed by a seasoned business leader with extensive real world experience. Students will explore teamwork, interpersonal and communications skills, self-knowledge, decision analysis, group dynamics and global/cultural perspectives. The class will also help students define individual personality preferences, strengths and areas of development and understand how to utilize the self-awareness to become a more effective leader. Students will create their individual leadership plans that will help guide them on their future career leadership learning journey.
EAS 299 Course Syllabus